Uncle Micky

Obviously, one would have to be a blithering idiot to not realize that the stories that follow are pure fiction. In no possible universe should the fictious actions described be considered as real. Any resemblence of characters described here is in no way based on any person living or dead. Any semblence to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

The author in no way condones or promotes the activities described herein. Such descriptions are pure fantasy and have no basis in reality.

There are times when readers provide commentary on my stories. When a return email is provided I always reply. In this section, sorted by story, I have posted not only the comments; but, my abridged responses to the identified reader as well. I have included all comments, both good and bad. Included in my replies are short discussions in regard to stories, characters, and myself.

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- "The Summer Of '84 - Home Page"

The Home Page for the four part story of Greg Fletcher, a freind who tells the tale of the summer his life changed.

Story Codes: Lots of M(19)/g (10, 11, 12), M(19)/G(16), Cons, Oral, manual, anal, first, Attempted rape.


- "My Sister Dena and her Friend Kim"

During the summer of Mike's senior year in high school, he and his fourteen year old sister, Dena, stay home alone for a week while the rest of the family travels. One evening Dena brings her friend Kim over and life changes for the siblings!

Story Codes: incest, m/f 1st, m/f 1st, m solo


- "Christmas With Dena"

Dena arranges an interesting welcome for Micky as he comes home for Christmas during his first year away at college.

Story Codes: M/f, incest


- "Bob, Emma Cubed, and Twix"

One night Micky overhears Bob talking about a special girl named Emma. Memories are rekindled and inspiration strikes! So here, in no particular order, the stories of three girls named Emma, all related by and featuring, my pal, Bob. As a special "treat," I have added a little story about "Twix."

Story Codes: m/g, M/g11, M/g14, M/g13, M/g14, MM/g14, oral, anal, first, DP, blackmail, consensual


- "Amaya May I - Home Page"

The Home Page for the 4 Part Tale of Amaya Rodriguez and Ed York who, by fate becomes Amaya's Patron, a tale told to Micky by his friend, Ed York.


- "Jennifer and Pat - Home Page

At the conclusion of Amaya May I, mention was made of a York Markets' employee named Pat, and a girl named Jennifer. Presented for you perusal and approval, a six part story, Jennifer and Pat.

Story Codes: lots of Mf


- "Tilly Has A Bad Day"

Pretty Tilly is an average eleven year-old when her life is changed one day, through no choice of her own.

Story Codes: Rape, M/g, g solo, g 1st, oral


- "Tilly's Promise"

Eleven year-old Tilly has a problem. A few weeks prior, she had been abducted, taken to an isolated beach house, sexually assaulted, and raped by a rather nefarious character. He threatened to harm her family if she told anybody about what had happened and made her promise to engage in oral sex with different men of her choosing. Tilly now had a problem. She is a very good girl, and would never go back on a promise! Please enjoy, Tilly's Promise!

Story Codes: M/g, M/g att rape, b/g, oral


- "The Best Fucking Year Ever - part 1"

Coach Wilkinson relates a tale to Uncle Micky regarding the best fucking year of his life ... so far! Coach is enchanted by a lovely first-year teacher, allured by young Shanna, and taken by ninth grader Liz.

Story Codes: M/f oral, M/F

- "The Best Fucking Year Ever - part 2"

Coach Wilkinson continues his tale. He finds he has to make some choices, while some are out of his control. If you haven't read Part 1, I strongly suggest you read it first.

Story Codes: M/f oral, first, M/f first


- "Hidden Harbor - The Hike"

Uncle Micky relates a tale told to him by one of his childhood friends while at a community reunion. The tale is one of lost virginity and sexual exploration.

Story Codes: mbf, bf, bg


- "A Tale of Two Cheerleaders: The Good Cheerleader ... The Fallen Cheerleader - Home Page"

Coach W, who we have met before, had promised to tell me a story about the good cheerleader and the fallen cheerleader. It took five nights for him to relate the tale. As you will find out, the story has five chapters! We drank and ate our way through the story; and one night was cut short when we decided to pay a visit to Rick's Custom Service Center. I'll tell y'all a bit about that later. This story takes place a few years back and involves two lovely girls from the town of Mayfield, not too far away. We first meet Kendal and Brit'ney during the summer before the eight grade.


- "The Kitty and The Mouse: My Nieces Kathleen and Nora - Home Page"

A story told to me by a good friend, Paul Ridley. Paul's two nieces, Kathleen (the Kitty, eleven-years-old,) and Nora (the Mouse, thirteen-years-old) come to spend two weeks with him as their parents, his sister and brother-in-law, leave for a second honeymoon. Their antics bring back memories from Paul's youth as well as setting the three of them on a path few would condone.


- "Luscious Liz

Uncle Micky relates a tale told to him by one of his childhood friends regarding the perfect girl,Liz; and the once not-so-perfect boy, Chuck.

Story Codes:m/f

Mike Dolan: Dolan's Diaries

Presented within are the stories of Mike Dolan in, Dolan's Diaries. Mike is a dark and disturbed character. His life has centered around extremely depraved activities in both Ohio and Florida. These stories follow Mike from his youth, up and through his professional careers. While in Florida he descends into the most perverted of lives. He later returns to his home state of Ohio in an attempt to redeem his thrown-away life. To most of his friends and family he is known as Micky or Uncle Micky.


The following three stories serve as the introduction to the Dolan's Diaries storyline. After finishing "A Day Off with Dawn," the reader can delve into the TETMD series or, move on to the Back In Ohio series. I would strongly recommend reading the TETMD prologue story, Cute Little Shae whether you wish to delve into TETMD or not. It's a good one.

01. Dolan's Diaries #1: My Princess

Mike returns to Ohio from Florida in an attempt to rebuild his life. He is fighting temptation while apparently having success in joining normal society. Invited to a gathering at his brother's house, He learns that the beautiful Anna Maria will be there. He first encountered Anna Maria three years previously, when she was just eleven years old.

Story Codes: M/g oral, M/F, Mf first


02. Dolan's Diaries #2: Not Fishing with Dave

Shortly after the first pool party and his first encounter with Anna Maria, Mike meets up with his sister-in-law's brother, Dave. Dave wants to do some fishing on his boat and talk about a Florida business proposition for Mike. On the agreed upon day, Dave arrives with his two visiting nieces: the delightful fifteen year-old Paula, and the alluring twelve year-old Diana. There will be no fishing this day, and an evil business agreement will be made.

Story Codes: M/f f, M/f, f 1st


3."Dolan's Diaries #3: A Day Off With Dawn"

In the year prior to leaving for Florida, Micky has some farewells to make. One is with Dawn, a student in his fifth period class. Enjoy a "Day Off With Dawn."

Story Codes: M/f, M/f, ped


Even if you think you do not want want to venture into the TETMD world, I recommend reading "Cute Little Shae" regardless.

Mike Dolan moves to Florida and starts his new double life. Everything is going great. The unexpected occurs when he encounters and falls for his twelve-year-old neighbor from across the street, cute little Shae!


The Evil That Men Do - A Collaboration

This thirty chapter collaboration can be accessed here: TETMD Page



1."Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: When You Come To The Fork In The Road ..."

This story picks up from the end of "My Princess" and is set back in Ohio. All of Micky's time in Florida has passed and he now lives in Columbus, while attending "Thee" university, and persuing his Masters Degree. IMHO, if you haven't read "My Princess," it would be a good idea to do so prior to reading this series.

Story Codes: f solo, Mg oral ped


2."Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 Part1"

The relationship between Micky and Melissa instensifies. Melissa has a chance encounter with an interesting sales girl.

Story Codes: F solo, MF


3."Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 Part2"

The relationship between Micky and Melissa grows as more quality time is spent together. Micky meets with Kaeli Anderson and her cousin Mackenzie. Micky may have some doubts about Melissa.

Story Codes: M/F solo, MF, f solo, Mgg


4."Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 Part3"

Upon hearing the news of his father's death, Micky raced to Cleveland, leaving Melissa behind. The Dolan clan gathered and Lily had some questions that only Micky could answer. In the heat of passion, Micky slipped up and said Anna's name. The Dolan's buried their father in grand style, in the manner he would be proud of. Meanwhile, Melissa turned to Sofia for the comfort she needed.

Story Codes: FF, MF Incest


5."Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 Part4"

It finally happens, Micky, Dena, and Lily come together for the ultimate incestuous tryst. Melissa's friend, Sofia, finally meets Randy and they hit it off. We take a little time to delve into Randy's past and the introduction of his "monster" to female of the species! Micky finally makes a decision which alters an important part of his life.

Story Codes: MFF Incest, f solo, mf first


6."Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 Part5"

The inevitable was happening. Anna Maria and her family were moving back to Ohio, Cincinnatti specifically. The entire family gathered for a Welcome Home party. As luck would have it, Melissa stayed back in Columbus and Micky went solo to Cincinnatti. Early on the day of the party Micky ran into his "niece" Paula (who we met in an earlier story!) and they had their own little homecumming. Later that night at the party, Micky was finally reunited with Anna. The next day was a day of reckoning for for our boy Micky!

Story Codes: MF, Mf


7."Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 Part6"

Time passes and Micky splits his time between Columbus and Cincinatti, between Melissa and Anna. The time arrives for the confrontation between Micky and Marianna, Anna's mother. Anna emerges as the adult in the room.

Story Codes: f solo, Mf


8."Dolan's Diaries - Finale: Part 1 of 4"

Micky and Melissa spend the Holidays with Micky's family. Melissa meets the Dolans. Lily isn't through with Micky just yet.

Story Codes: MF incest

9."Dolan's Diaries - Finale: Part 2 of 4"

Anna has a tough time by herself at Christmas with her side of the family. Thankfully, Paula arrives and everything is more than fine.

Story Codes: Ff incest

10."Dolan's Diaries - Finale: Part 3 of 4"

Micky faces, and almost accepts, his feelings for Melissa. He and Anna go on a Valentine's Days date! Does Anna have a wandering eye?

Story Codes: MF, Mf

11."Dolan's Diaries - Finale: Part 4 of 4, Epilogue, End Notes"

Anna meets Melissa. Everything gets settled.

Story Codes: Ff